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Free Forever

Best for personal use



100 credits / month

1 Project

Unlimited Testing

Access to all LLMs

API Access

Email Support


Best for small teams


Everything in Free Forever AND

2,000 credits / month

3 Projects

Unlimited Run Logs

Basic Analytics

Phone Support

Most popular


Best for medium-sized teams

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Everything in Starter AND

10,000 credits / month

Unlimited Projects

Upload Your Own Data

Advanced Analytics

Priority Phone Support


Best for large teams


Everything in Business AND

Custom credits / month

Model Fine-Tuning

Dedicated Solution Engineer

Simple Credit Conversions

Get $10 of free credits on signing up





4 credits / 1K tokens

7 credits  / 1K tokens

GPT-3.5 Turbo

0.1 credits / 1K tokens

0.2 credits / 1K tokens

Claude 2.1

0.8 credits  / 1K tokens

2.4 credits  / 1K tokens

Claude Instant

0.2 credits  / 1K tokens

0.5 credit  / 1K tokens

Llama 2

0 credits  / 1K tokens

5 credits  / 1K tokens

Eleven Labs


22 credits  / 1K characters


3 credits / Image


You've got questions. We've got answers. To get any other questions answered, email

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  • What's a token?
    A token is equivalent to approximately 4 characters or 0.75 words.
  • What's a credit?
    A credit is equal to roughly $0.01 of model usage.
  • What models does Rivit support?
    Rivit currently supports GPT-3.5 Turbo, GPT4, Claude 2.1, Claude Instant, Llama 2, and Leonardo. We will be adding more models every week.
  • How do I integrate Rivit into my application
    The easiest way to integrate Rivit into your application is via Rivit's API.
  • How do I minimize hallucinations for my prompts?
    You can minimize hallucinations by rapidly A/B testing multiple prompts and inputs using the Rivit playground.

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