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Resolve 80% of your customer service tickets with AI

Don't settle for a basic chatbot - your customers deserve better. Get a customer service automation platform that resolves tickets and delights your customers every time.

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Complete CX Team

Rivit replaces an entire customer experience team. It retrieves relevant documents, answers contextual questions, and responds in seconds.
Document retrieval
Answers all questions
Fastest response times
No code AI tool builder
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Want to bring customer service automation to your company?
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Retrieve Any Document

Retrieve all relevant documents and information in seconds with the most accurate retrieval system.

Answer Any Question

Your AI answers any question customers have about your business without your team spending a second.

Connect Data

Upload PDF, TXT, or CSV files and seamlessly query them using your favorite LLM.

Customizable UI

Quickly customize the colors, copy, and layout of your AI customer service chat.

One-Click Deploy

Deploy by embedding your chat in your website and redeploy in one click.

Get started for free

Play around with it first. Pay and add your team later.

no credit card required

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