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SiteSpeak AI Review: Just another (meh) chatbot

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Here's how SiteSpeak scores in six important areas for customer support chatbots.

SCORECARD: 4.5 / 10

(10 is the best, 1 is the worst)

  • Customer Satisfaction: 4
  • Response Quality: 4
  • Response Speed: 8
  • Integrations: 2
  • Ease of Set Up: 8
  • Customer Support Features: 1

Price: Paid plans start at $30/month with a 7-day free trial

Advantages of SiteSpeak:

  • Response Speed: SiteSpeak chatbots respond extremely quickly, often within a few seconds. They use one layer of GPT-3.5 or GPT-4 depending on the plan. This is good for speed, but bad for response quality. More on this later.
  • Ease of setup: As is the case with most chatbot builders, SiteSpeak is extremely easy to set up. You can get a chatbot deployed on your website in under 30 minutes. It's easy enough that a high schooler could do it without any prior knowledge.

Disadvantages of SiteSpeak:

  • Integrations: SiteSpeak only integrations with Slack and Notion. Slack for chatting and Notion for loading in data. This means SiteSpeak is missing CRM, ticketing, and numerous other data loader integrations that are useful for organizations using it for customer support.
  • Response Quality: Using GPT-3.5 has its strengths, but one of the main drawbacks is response quality. Not all LLMs are created equal. Using GPT-3.5 results in some wacky responses. Even using one layer of GPT-4 or the newest GPT-4o can result in strange responses.
  • Customer Support Features: SiteSpeak is a chatbot platform, not a customer support platform. As such, SiteSpeak is missing numerous core features that make it useful for customer support like custom forms, integrations, and more.

Customer Satisfaction - 4/10

Unfortunately, there isn't a ton of information from users about SiteSpeak online. If you look up 'SiteSpeak reviews' you'll get sites like All Things AI with no reviews posted.

So we've taken it upon ourselves to try it out. We've found that we're happy (kind of). The chatbot works seamlessly and it feels like there is a lot of care put into it. The interface is clean and easy to navigate. However, it's hard to overlook the lack of features, integrations, and strange responses.

Response Quality - 4/10

In short, it's not great. The response quality is highly dependent on the search query. If the query is within the bounds of what their chatbot is programmed to answer like "What is Rivit?" then the chatbot will respond well. However, if the query is something like "hi there" then it may struggle (as pictured above).

This can be frustrating and confusing for customers who are not familiar with AI or the drawbacks of using GPT-3.5 vs GPT-4.

Response Speed - 8/10

SiteSpeak responds extremely quickly. They use one layer of GPT-3.5 (or GPT-4 depending on your plan) to respond to queries. This is phenomenal for response speed. Your responses will be churned out in seconds rather than tens of seconds. GPTs recent speed improvements have also made chatbots like SiteSpeak even faster to respond.

That being said, there are drawbacks to this blistering speed. The main tradeoff for speed is response quality. SiteSpeak has clearly chosen speed over quality here. That's okay though! This means SiteSpeak's chatbots are great for companies looking for a little novelty on their site.

Integrations - 2/10

SiteSpeak integrates with Slack and Notion. Both Slack and Notion are great integrations, we just wish they had more.

  • Slack: Connect your SiteSpeak chatbot to Slack and chat directly with it in your Slack channels
  • Notion: Load in data from your Notion workspace in a few clicks

We love both integrations. Chatting with your SiteSpeak chatbot in Slack is super useful to help teams stay on the same page and uploading data from Notion is great to speed up chatbot setup.

The other integrations we wish they had were: Zendesk, Hubspot, Google Drive, Dropbox, Freshdesk, Zapier, and SalesForce. These would be great to centralize forms, tickets, data, and every other workflow the team is looking to handle using SiteSpeak.

Ease of Set Up - 8/10


SiteSpeak's interface is great. Really great. It's incredibly easy to navigate, find what you're looking for, and customize your chatbot. Don't worry, it won't take you more than 10 minutes to customize and get deployed.

Uploading Information:

Uploading information is as easy as customizing your chatbot. There aren't a ton of options to bring in your data, but the ones they do have are super easy to use.


Deploying takes under a minute. Copy the embed code and paste it into the header of your website. It's that easy.

Customer Support Features - 1/10

SiteSpeak is a chatbot builder, not a full customer support platform. We can't really fault them for missing features like custom forms, data loaders, integrations, or support-centric features because that's not what they're trying to be.

On that note, we think SiteSpeak is worth the price if you're looking for some website novelty, but not necessarily a great customer support platform.

Alternative: Rivit

If you're looking for a full customer support platform (including an awesomely accurate AI chatbot), then you're in luck. Try out Rivit on our page for free!

Yes, we made Rivit, and, yes, we're biased. That doesn't mean it isn't the best customer support platform for small businesses though!

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