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SiteGPT Review: Why SiteGPT needs some work

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Here's how SiteGPT scores in the six most important areas for customer support chatbots.


(10 is the best, 1 is the worst)

  • Customer Satisfaction: 7
  • Response Accuracy: 6
  • Response Speed: 9
  • Integrations: 3
  • Ease of Set Up: 8
  • Customer Support Features: 3

Price: Paid plans start at $49/month with a 14-day free trial

Advantages of SiteGPT:

  • Response Speed: SiteGPT starts responding almost immediately. This is because they use one layer of GPT-3.5 Turbo. You get a boost in response speed with a slight decrease in response quality.
  • Price (kind of): SiteGPT is on the cheaper side, starting at $49/month. This is below average for chatbot solutions. However, this isn't all good because their lower plans include a prohibitively small number of file upload credits.
  • Ease of setup: You can set up your chatbot with SiteGPT in a few minutes. It doesn't take any know-how or coding expertise.

Disadvantages of SiteGPT:

  • Integrations: SiteGPT is missing key integrations that make chatbots and customer support platforms useful. They exclusively have integrations to chat with your chatbot on other platforms like Slack and Messenger. This means they don't have CRM, ticketing, or data loader integrations.
  • Accuracy: Using only one layer of GPT3.5 means you get super fast responses at the expense of potentially missed information and minor hallucinations.
  • Customer Support Features: SiteGPT is built to be a chatbot platform, not a customer support platform. It is super easy to use as a chatbot builder, but lacks nearly all the features useful for customer support teams such as ticketing, forms, and useful integrations.

Customer Satisfaction - 7/10

This is one of the better chatbots we've reviewed in terms of usability. Its interface is well done, the chat replies are friendly, and it's not annoying to set up. While there are drawbacks, customers overall have a good experience with it.

Accuracy - 6/10

SiteGPT is accurate (enough). It isn't perfect by any means because, as mentioned before, it uses only one layer of GPT3.5 to give you that ultra-fast speed. Because of this, you get meh responses a lot of the time. These hallucinated or incomplete answers can frustrate users and lead them to churn.

Accuracy is paramount, especially when using a chatbot for customer support. If you're planning on using SiteGPT for support, you may want to look elsewhere.

Response Speed - 9/10

SiteGPT responds fast — and we mean ultra-fast. Their chatbot starts responding in less than a second. This sounds great until you realize that it's at the cost of accuracy. The tradeoff between accuracy and speed is difficult to balance and all customer support and chatbot platforms deal with it.

SiteGPT has clearly chosen to optimize for speed which provides a distinct marketing and initial user experience advantage.

Integrations - 3/10

SiteGPT integrates with Google Chat, Messenger, Crisp, Slack, Freshdesk, and Zendesk.

  • Google Chat: Connect Google Chat with SiteGPT and chat with your bot directly from Google Chat.
  • Messenger: Connect Messenger with SiteGPT and chat with your bot directly from Messenger.
  • Crisp: Connect Crisp with SiteGPT and chat with your bot directly from Crisp.
  • Slack: Connect Slack with SiteGPT and chat with your bot directly from Slack.
  • Freshdesk: Connect Freshdesk with SiteGPT and chat with your bot directly from Freshdesk.
  • Zendesk: Connect Zendesk with SiteGPT and chat with your bot directly from Zendesk.

This is exactly what their integration documentation says in their app. They have a few integrations to chat with your documents outside of your SiteGPT chatbot. However, this begs the question: what's missing? The answer is CRM, ticketing, and data loader integrations.

SiteGPT doesn't yet have a way to collect form information (more on that later), so they don't have a way to connect with CRM or ticketing software like Hubspot, Freshdesk, Helpscout, or Zendesk. This is crucial for teams so that they only have to manage their support in one application.

Additionally, they're missing some popular data loaders like Notion and Google Drive, making it tough for teams to centralize their data.

Ease of Set Up - 8/10

SiteGPT is super easy to set up. A high schooler could set up a SiteGPT chatbot in under 30 minutes.


Customizing your chatbot is as easy as clicking a few buttons and adding your data. It takes only a few minutes to get it working once you're in the app.

Uploading Information:

You can upload information in two clicks. However, be wary of their pricing plans. The lowest plan has a 10-file upload limit (which may be prohibitively low).


As is the case with most chatbots, it's extremely easy to deploy. All you need to do is copy and paste the embed code into your website and you're good to go. Website developers (or founders) can do this in under a minute.

Customer Support Features - 3/10

SiteGPT is a chatbot builder, not a customer support platform. They are an excellent tool for providing some novelty on your website, but may not be the best to replace a customer support staff member's responsibilities.

SiteGPT lacks robust analytics, custom forms, integrations, and ticketing, all of which are extremely useful for organizations managing their customer support.


What sets SiteGPT apart is their response speed and ease of setup. Any company can have a chatbot on their website in a few minutes. We'd recommend using them if you're looking to showcase a cool AI chatbot, but not if you're looking to support your customers as it may frustrate or confuse them.

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