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Dante AI Review: Strange pricing and even stranger responses

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Here's how Dante AI stacks up in the six most important categories for AI chatbot builders.

SCORECARD: 5.5 / 10

(10 is the best, 1 is the worst)

  • Customer Satisfaction: 5
  • Response Accuracy: 5
  • Response Speed: 10
  • Integrations: 2
  • Ease of Set Up: 7
  • Customer Support Features: 4

Price: Paid plans start at $9/month with a limited free plan available. You get $10 of credits/month on their $9 plan... you do the math.

Advantages of Dante AI:

  • Select your own LLM: Dante AI allows you to pick which LLM you would like to respond to your queries. This is advantageous because you can pick between price, speed, and accuracy, as each model has its strengths and weaknesses.
  • Price: Dante AI is budget-friendly. Its lowest plan costs $9, which is super affordable compared to some more expensive alternatives. If you're on the hunt for a budget-friendly way to boost your website, this might just be the perfect solution.
  • Ease of setup: As is the case with most chatbot builders, Dante AI is extremely easy to set up. It only takes a few minutes to learn their interface, then you're off to the races.

Disadvantages of Dante AI:

  • Look and feel: Dante AI chatbots look okay. The attention to detail isn't there. The pixels are slightly off, some chats don't finish loading, it's slightly too large, and more. If you do like the look of it, then all power to you! It's just not for us.
  • Integrations: Dante integrates with Whatsapp, Intercom, and Zapier. Then what, might you ask, are they missing? CRM, ticketing, data loader integrations, and many more. They have numerous integrations listed on their website, but they can only connect to those applications through Zapier.

Customer Satisfaction - 5/10

Their customer reviews online are up and down. Some say Dante AI is the best thing since sliced bread, some say it's mediocre at best. The main drawbacks are web scraping and responses.

Their website scraper doesn't work for complex websites. This includes websites with delays, loading screens, and complex HTML. They may have updated it since this post - check their page to experience it yourself. Additionally, their responses are sometimes low quality. They use one LLM layer which results in lower-quality data source retrieval. (We're writing an article about this soon!)

Accuracy - 5/10

This brings us to our next point: accuracy. Accuracy is paramount, especially if using a chatbot for customer support. You don't want your customers getting an incorrect or hallucinated answer and acting on it, or worse, churning. One LLM layer causes this to happen much more frequently.

Through our testing, Dante AI was far more accurate than some other notable chatbot providers, but still not perfect or reliable. This may also change with time, so test it out yourself if you'd like to see where their accuracy stands now.

Response Speed - 10/10

Dante AI has the ideal setup for speed. You can pick your LLM to optimize for speed or answer quality. They have all of the top models available, including GPT-4o. However, each model costs a different number of credits, depending on the model's API costs. This means GPT-4o will grant you far fewer messages per month than GPT-3.5.

The variable model method is great because it fits all companies, not just those who can pay higher rates or are looking for ultra-fast responses.

Integrations - 2/10

Dante AI directly integrates with WhatsApp, Intercom, and Zapier.

  • Zapier: Trigger your chatbot with any app connected to Zapier
  • Intercom: Connect your chatbot to Intercom's chat widget
  • WhatsApp: Chat with your chatbot on WhatsApp

Dante AI has three true integrations: Zapier, Intercom, and Whatsapp. The other integrations they have listed on their website currently are extensions of Zapier, not direct integrations. They could score better in this section by adding integrations to ticketing systems like Freshdesk, Zendesk, and Helpscout as well as CRM integrations to Hubspot and SalesForce.

This doesn't mention data loaders that may be useful for some teams like Notion, Google Drive, and Dropbox.

Ease of Set Up - 7/10

Similar to most chatbot platforms, Dante AI is easy to set up.


Customizing your Dante AI chatbot is as easy as selecting a few colors and adding your logo. No code is needed.

Uploading Information:

As usual, uploading your information is super easy. It scrapes your website and learns from uploaded docs in a gif (or is it jif?)


Dante AI can be deployed by the typical copy/paste code into the header of your website. This takes a few minutes at most.

Customer Support Features - 4/10

Dante AI scores better in this category than most platforms. You may exclaim, "A 4/10 is better than most platforms???" Yes, a 4/10 is actually quite good. Most platforms don't have agent handoff or analytics. Dante AI does. So kudos to them for building a few more features than the status quo.

However, they're still missing custom forms, user profiles, a startup screen, custom links, and more. If you're looking for a more comprehensive solution, we may have a solution for you.

Alternative to Dante AI: Rivit

We're extremely biased. We built Rivit. That doesn't mean it's not the best solution for small businesses to manage their customer support. Yes, we also have an awesomely accurate chatbot too.

Considering you've made it to the end of the article, you may love to try Rivit out.

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